Lipid Analytical LaboratoriesAnalysis, Consulting, Research

Providing analytical services, consulting and research to the food, agricultural, biotech, nutraceutical and life science sectors.

Established in 1991

University of Guelph Research Park Centre

Lipid Analytical Laboratories Inc. (LAL) has been located on the first floor of the University of Guelph Research Park Centre since 1991. It is fully equipped with advanced technologies and chromatographic systems for conducting research and analytical services on various lipids and fatty acid components in any biological materials.

There is significant movement in both academic and commercial operations towards the development of foods lower in cholesterol, trans-fatty acids and saturates but, higher in omega-3 fatty acids (recently established as an essential nutrient in the diet). The agrifood industries are focusing on the production of more nutritious designer foods, nutraceuticals, and specialized health products with modified fatty acid profiles.

We at LAL provide analytical and research services on many lipid compositional parameters in human or animal feeding trials, and clinical research trials for medical centres, and universities. Various industries and food companies are satisfied repeat customers based on our quality service in this very specialized area of lipids and fatty acid analyses.