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About Us

Your Trusted Global Partner for Lipid Analysis

With over three decades of experience, we have established ourselves as a trusted partner for businesses in the agri-food sector, farming, oils, and supplements industries. Our commitment to scientific excellence and advanced analytical techniques ensures accurate and reliable results for our clients.

Lipid Analytical Laboratories specializes in the comprehensive analysis of lipids, including various lipid forms and their fatty acid components. With a deep understanding of the agri-food sector, farming practices, and the importance of quality oils and supplements, our dedicated team of experts offers unparalleled proficiency in assessing and quantifying essential fatty acids.

We are the trusted partner for businesses seeking to validate their products, optimize quality control, and unlock the full potential of lipid-based solutions.

Our Philosophy

  • We cater to our client’s unique project needs and budget, offering
  • Enhanced flexibility in collaboration
  • Individualized attention to each client
  • Faster turnaround times compared to most competitors

Lipid Lab Testimonial

ConestogaAlison Lee

Researcher and Livestock program Developer at Conestoga Meats

We have been working with the Lipid Analytical Laboratory for quite some time now and have been very pleased with the quality of their work. We rely on the results from the extended fatty acid analyses they perform to make business decisions and to calibrate our equipment, to ensure our customers receive the best quality product. The turnaround times the Lipid lab provides are excellent, they provide results in multiple formats for easy data analysis, and they are very quick to answer any questions that may arise relating to the data. Their customer service is top quality and it is always a pleasure working with them.

Why Lipid

Ensuring Regulatory Compliance

Our lipid analysis services help ensure your products comply with stringent industry regulations. Through our quality control measures, accredited by the Standards Council of Canada, we validate the composition of your products, ensuring they meet both legal requirements and industry standards.

Driving Cost-Effectiveness and Profitability

Our insights can help you make cost-effective decisions that increase profitability. By understanding the lipid profiles in your products, you can optimize ingredients and production processes, thereby reducing waste, minimizing rework, and maximizing yield.

Elevating Product Quality

Enhanced product quality leads to higher consumer satisfaction. We provide insights into how different lipids and fatty acids influence your products’ taste, texture, nutritional value, and shelf-life, empowering you to fine-tune your offerings for the highest consumer appeal.

Boosting Production Efficiencies

In-depth knowledge of lipid profiles can inform efficient production processes. We can help identify the ideal conditions for processing your products, minimizing the risk of quality issues that can lead to costly downtime or recalls.

Streamlining Processes

You can streamline your operations by integrating our lipid analysis services into your development and production processes. Our insights can guide you in formulating products right the first time, reducing the need for time-consuming and costly adjustments later in the process.

Cutting Unnecessary Costs

Our services can help you identify unnecessary costs in your operations. By understanding the impact of different lipids on your products and processes, you can eliminate unnecessary ingredients or steps, reducing costs without compromising quality.

Quality Control of Suppliers/Vendors

Finally, we can provide third-party verification of the lipid content in raw materials provided by your suppliers. This ensures you get what you pay for, strengthening your supply chain and helping you build trusted relationships with your vendors.

By partnering with Lipid Analytical Labs, you leverage the power of lipid analysis to drive quality, efficiency, and profitability in your operations. We offer more than a service; we provide a competitive edge that positions your brand for success in today’s demanding market landscape.