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Research and Development Services

At Lipid Analytical Labs, we bring our profound understanding of lipid science to
support your research and development (R&D) efforts. Our scientific expertise and state-
of-the-art facilities can accelerate your product development process and promote
innovation in your business.

The rapidly advancing industries of today, especially those in food, supplements, cosmetics, bioenergy, and pet nutrition, necessitate the continuous evolution of products through diligent R&D. Lipid analysis, particularly understanding the role and behaviour of different fatty acids, forms a cornerstone of such R&D efforts.

At Lipid Analytical Labs, we provide cutting-edge lipid analysis services as a robust foundation for your R&D activities. Whether you’re in the early stages of product concept development, testing potential enhancements to an existing product line, or investigating the reasons behind a product failure, our lipid profiling can offer invaluable insights.

Our comprehensive lipid profiling goes beyond simply identifying the types and quantities of lipids in your samples. It provides a deeper understanding of how these lipids interact with other components and how they behave under various conditions, such as changes in temperature, pH, or processing methods. Such insights can be instrumental in making informed decisions about product formulations, optimizing production processes, and ensuring product stability and safety.

For example, in the food and supplements industry, understanding the lipid profile can help you to optimize nutritional values, taste, and texture of your products. In the cosmetics industry, it can assist in improving the absorption, hydration levels, and overall performance of your products. In the bioenergy sector, a clear understanding of the fatty acid profile can help increase the efficiency of energy production.

By leveraging our advanced lipid analysis services, you’re not just buying data – you’re gaining a scientific partner in your R&D efforts, contributing towards enhanced product quality, safety, and superior performance. Our insights can fuel your innovation, giving you a competitive edge in your respective industry.


We have been instrumental in various R&D projects across different sectors:

  1. Food Industry: Assisted a leading brand in formulating a healthier, low-saturated-fat snack by identifying an optimal lipid profile.
  2. Supplement Industry: Worked with a supplement manufacturer to develop a high-potency Omega-3 fish oil capsule backed by our detailed fatty acid analysis.
  3. Cosmetics Industry: Partnered with a cosmetic brand to improve the stability and absorption of their skincare line through comprehensive lipid profiling.
  4. Bioenergy Industry: Supported an energy firm in optimizing biogas yield through detailed fatty acid profiling in their anaerobic digestion process.
  5. Pet Nutrition Industry: Assisted a pet food brand in formulating a balanced, nutritious dog food by identifying and adjusting the fatty acid profile.

Test Methods

Oxidation Testing: Provides insights into the oxidative stability and potential shelf-life of new food and health products.

  • p-Anisidine Value, Total Toxicity (Totox)

Glycerophospholipids: Helps in the innovation of functional foods and nutraceuticals with specific health benefits.

  • Phosphatidylethanolamine (PE)
  • Phosphatidylcholine (PC)
  • Phosphatidic acid (PA)
  • Phosphatidylserine (PS)

Tocopherols and Tocotrienols: Supports the development of antioxidants in food preservation and health supplements.

  • Beta-Tocopherol
  • Delta-Tocotrienol

Other Testing Services: Assists in the formulation and refinement of product physical properties for market readiness.

  • Capsule Weight
  • Crude Fat (by weight)

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With Lipid Analytical Labs as your R&D partner, you can unlock new avenues for product innovation, ensuring your offerings remain competitive and appealing to your customers.