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Our Expertise

At Lipid Analytical Labs, we believe that a deep understanding of lipid profiles can transform
your products and processes, driving superior quality, operational excellence, and profitability.

Expertise in Food Lipid Analysis


Whether your focus is on modifying unhealthy fats in processed foods, refining the texture of dairy products, or extending the shelf-life of packaged goods, our expertise in lipid analysis can offer key solutions.

Advanced Lipid Analysis for Agriculture


Faced with the ever-changing challenges of the farming industry, we provide invaluable support to diverse agricultural projects, from enhancing crop disease resistance through lipid modulation to optimizing the fatty acid content in animal feed.

Lipid Labs Natural Health Products

Natural Health Products

Our in-depth lipid analysis informs your product development process, whether you’re formulating fish oil capsules, flaxseed supplements, or unique nutritional blends.

Research and Development

Research and Development

Our comprehensive lipid profiling goes beyond simply identifying the types and quantities of lipids in your samples. It provides a deeper understanding of how these lipids interact with other components and how they behave under various conditions, such as changes in temperature, pH, or processing methods.